Getting To Know You Activities

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Getting To Know You Activities – Know that games are activities that help group members learn about each other quickly. For example, you can play twenty questions, can you show and tell, and this or that. The purpose of these games is to make it easier to share personal information and build relationships with anyone.

These exercises are a subset of team building games and icebreaker games, and are similar to connection games, 5 Minute Team Builders, and community building activities.

Getting To Know You Activities

Getting To Know You Activities

From Figure It Out to team trivia to Truth or Dare, there’s a list of activities and games to help employees get to know each other better.

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Meet Me Bingo is one of the best intro games for large groups. To play this game, give each participant a bingo board. Then, divide the crowd into small groups and encourage conversation. Players mark the squares of other players’ names that match the description. The first player to win five wins in a row. Or, you can challenge teams to get the highest number of rows, play X, diamonds, or blackout bingo and fill the entire square.

Would You Rather is a behavioral psychology game that asks players to choose between two types of actions. Often, the situations depicted are silly, extreme, awkward or uncomfortable. The answers may reveal the logic and belief system of the players.

This or that asks the players to choose between two similar options. The answers reveal the preferences of the participants and may indicate similarities between the players. Since the game moves quickly, you can easily ask some of this or that question when you find yourself with extra time at the end of meetings or during breaks.

Top Five is a game that asks players to list their top five personal favorites in each category. In playing this game, the participants make the best lists and share the answers with the group.

Get To Know You Activities For Every Age

You can make the categories more specific, for example, “Top five workout songs,” or “Top five movies I never watch with my mom.” The game can happen in real time, a leader announces the categories at a time, and it takes a few moments for the players to make lists. Or, you can send out the categories before a call or meeting, and ask attendees to prepare lists ahead of time. You can also ask teammates to submit lists to a remote work platform like Basecamp, Slack or Trello.

You can also switch the game for a “five under,” where each player lists their least favorite five choices in each category.

Figure It Out was a 90s children’s game where a panel of judges had to guess a guest’s extraordinary talent or impressive achievement.

Getting To Know You Activities

Spread It or Eat It is similar to “Spread Your Guts or Get Your Guts” by James Corden. The game consists of a series of individual questions. Players can either answer the question or eat gross food, dirty food, spicy food, or a lot of food. For example, avoiding a question may result in swallowing a spoonful of hot sauce or stuffing five crackers in your mouth. Players take turns asking each other questions. The best time to play Spill It or Eat It is during lunch or during the afternoon break.

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Confess and Guess is one of the easiest games for small groups to get to know you. In each round, the participants write the answer on a marker on a piece of paper and put it in a bowl. Then, the host reads each answer, and the players must guess which player wrote the answer.

This game can also be played online. Ask the players to answer directly to the leader during a video call or ask the participants to write a form before the game. Then, share the answers, and challenge the players to guess which teammate gave which answer.

If I Were is a game that encourages players to imagine themselves in different situations. To play the game, read the prompts and give each participant a turn to answer.

Most trivia games revolve around static topics such as pop culture, math or literature. However, you can also create a personal trivia game that uses clues about what teammates are up to.

Fun Get To Know You Games & Activities For Adults In 2022

When designing your game, first collect data by asking employees to fill out a survey. Then, create a multiple choice style quiz on Kahoot. Players enter game room PINs and answer questions on mobile devices, and the app automatically keeps score.

All Alike is a game that encourages players to find common ground. At the start of the game, divide the first group into teams of 3 to 6. Next, send the teams to different areas of the breakout room or physical meeting room. The teams have five minutes to find a feature shared by all team members. For example, “We all studied abroad,” “We all hate cilantro,” or “We all have a grandmother named Barbara.” When regrouped, team members share that “same” quality. You can also turn the practice into a guessing game where the other teams have to try to guess what quality the team members share.

Never Have I Ever prepares players for suspicious behavior. Each player starts the game by holding ten fingers. Participants take turns making “Never Have I Ever…” statements, and players must put up a finger if they are guilty of the behavior. The game ends when only one player has fingers or after a certain number of rounds.

Getting To Know You Activities

Truth or Dare is one of the most classic games you know. In each round, players must choose to answer an individual question or dare.

Getting To Know You Activities For Summer School

Group art projects are a scene for you to learn about serving teammates as an unnatural talking point. The first step in this exercise is to provide the participants with materials and a workspace. You can use different mediums such as paper, paint, magazines, glass or computer graphics. Next, give your cast guidelines, for example, “make a crest,” or “make your dream.” Then, give teammates a set amount of time to create their masterpieces.

When teammates complete and submit the project, arrange the classes into a collage. Then, display the finished product in a shared space such as a common room or Google Drive. You can also give teammates a chance to present the project and explain the importance of the piece to the group.

Show & Tell is the easiest way to make your activities known. Each participant will show an object to the group and explain the importance of the object. Often, presenters tell stories related to the subject. Organizers can assign event themes, for example, childhood toys, holidays, learning, first love, or hobbies. This exercise is a way to find out what is important and meaningful to team members.

I Am A… is an identity game that helps players find common bonds. Each player takes turns making an “I am A” statement, for example “I am a mother” or “I am an amateur magician.” Other players who identify with the statement turn to the speaker to show solidarity. If the group is personal, the players start to stretch the game and move towards the speakers. In the Zoom Room, players can turn off the camera when there is something unrelated to the announcement.

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Twenty Questions is one of the easiest games you can learn. Each participant takes turns as the interviewer, and the other players can ask up to twenty individual questions. Participants may not skip questions unless other players are generous and give players a chance to pass.

Getting to know each other can be a daunting task, although games can make the process of connecting with someone much easier. You know that sports help break the ice and build foundations that enable participants to build closer relationships.

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Getting To Know You Activities

We’ve got a list of conversation starters for work, a list of the best games for work meetings, a list of fun group activities to try, and fun ideas to create the team for small groups.

Write The Questions: Getting To Know You (1)

Know that games are challenges that bring out individual details and help groups bond. For example, I’m Gone, Everything’s the Same, and If I Was. These games aim to make it easier for teammates to share personal facts and facilitate relationship building. These games are also known as “games to get to know each other” and “games to play to get to know someone”.

Some good games for teams that you should know about include Confess and Guess, Top Five, and Meet Me Bingo.

Children’s attention spans are limited, and games should be short and easy to understand. Some of the best activities you should know for kids include This or That, If I Was, and Show and Tell.

To play to get to know each other, first divide the group into small groups to facilitate more intimate conversations. Then, choose your game,

Get To Know You Activities: Perfect For Small Groups (and Large Groups!)

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